About Magadi

The young, energetic fashion label MAGADI produces practical and aesthetic yoga clothing for female yogis. Extensive know-how from the textile industry, and many years of learning and teaching experience in yoga, makes MAGADI a high-quality yogawear provider.
With its unusual designs, MAGADI leads you into other worlds, and is aware of the greatest luxury of our present existence: time! MAGADI is both traditional and modern at the same time. MAGADI combines a timeless and conscious lifestyle with pure luxury! Our customers have learned to appreciate this, and MAGADI has become popular within a very short period of time. See for yourselves!

Our goals

It became clear to us early on that "being happy" forms the essence of all our goals. And as it is best to make others happy, fairness and sustainability are part of our happiness concept.
MAGADI does not focus on maximizing profits, but rather on a good life for all those involved in the entire surrounding value chain. A living space should be created in which everyone feels free and accepted, where their abilities are valued and appreciated.
We want to be able to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions both within and outside MAGADI. For this reason, we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with our employees, suppliers and customers.
For our future, we promise that we can achieve exactly this philosophy: through organic growth and the achievement of the highest customer satisfaction, we would like to establish MAGADI as a high-quality, sustainable and trendy fashion label in the yoga world. The expansion of the product and materials portfolio is planned. We want to take the wishes and needs of our target group into account as much as possible.


One of our most important guiding principles is sustainability. Our MAGADI collections are produced exclusively in selected manufacturing plants in Germany and Portugal, in accordance with the principle of local economy. The short transport distances and the CO² emissions saved here underline our beliefs in protecting the environment.
Our fabrics are made of recycled polyester (PES). This synthetic fibre originates from secondary waste such as plastic bottles and old clothes. The raw material is recycled and then spun into fibres. By using recycled raw materials, as well as purely ecological materials, in production, we reduce our dependency on oil, avoid waste and reduce toxic emissions from waste incineration plants.
MAGADI fabrics are printed by a digital printing company using the most up-to-date technology in Germany. Hardly any water is used in the printing process, in contrast to conventional screen printing, and less dye is used too.


We at MAGADI simply love fashion and yoga! We bring these two passions together in our collections, with breathtaking designs. All MAGADI collections are exclusively designed, and we use the international catwalks to our advantage. But we are also often inspired by traditional patterns, art, or a specific type of lifestyle.
The prints are developed according to the fit of the trousers. The print is adapted to fit each size. This allows precise positioning of the print motifs. The body serves as a canvas for specially placed and creative patterns, which flatter the figure in exactly the right way.
With great attention to detail, the motifs are designed in such a way that they also continue across the seams, and are not broken up. For each individual size, the patterns are adapted to the right part of the body with great effort, and continue over the seams.
MAGADI's designs are colourful and imaginative. The designs are based on the catwalks and the latest trends. Sources of inspiration can be found everywhere. They can be found in nature, or at an exciting art exhibition. Traditional designs from the textile art history are used to create ideas and are applied in a modern fashion.


The MAGADI collections are specially developed for practicing yoga. We bring our many years of experience in yoga into our patterns and designs. We avoid any inconvenient cutting, squeezing or slipping of the clothing using professional cutting techniques, which flatter the figure with skilfully created patterns and designs, adjusting to the body like a second skin.
We attach great importance to the fact that the textiles are soft, breathable, fast-drying, pilling-resistant, and keep their shape even after frequent wear. A high waistband on the yoga leggings ensures optimum support and creates good posture. The fabric has an extra flat construction and clings to the body like a second skin. The recycled polyester has all the best properties of a high-quality sportswear material.
The best from nature: organic cotton and lyocell are ideal partners, so to speak! Lyocell is an ecological fiber of botanical origin that is obtained from reforested wood.