Chest circumference

Stand up straight, put on a well-fitting bra, place the measuring tape on the fullest part of your bust, and wrap it around your chest. First, breathe in and measure the circumference, then breathe out and measure the circumference again. The average value of these two results is your chest circumference.

Hip circumference:

The hip circumference is measured at the widest part of the hip above the buttocks.

Thigh circumference:

Place the measuring tape on the widest part of the thigh, just below the buttocks, and measure the circumference.


The inseam indicates the inner leg length of the yoga pants. The trousers can become longer when put on due to stretching.

Leggings and capri trousers:

If your measurements are between two sizes, choose the smaller size. It is easiest to put the leggings on in the same way as tights, and the trousers will then fit perfectly.